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I am a brand designer with 10 years experiences in brand development and conceptual design. I believe that strategic and conceptual thinking behind brand development are roots for sustainable growth of the brand.

I am now working as a Manager - Brand & Design at ONYX Hospitality Group, a leading hotel management company in South East Asia. Here, I manage the entire design process from strategy development through to design execution of hotel, restaurant and other hospitality brand projects. My achievements include a successful completion of four projects, namely Shama, Shama Hub, OZO, and Maai Spa. The process starts from brand research and audit, market-competitive analysis, brand strategy, collaboration between different departments and stakeholders, and, finally, design execution.

Before I joined ONYX, I have experimented my career path as a Corporate Communications & Brand Designer at IES, a leading Southeast Asian renewable energy developer with projects across Asia Pacific. I led, researched, analyzed and executed brand & product strategy through to design execution. My achievements have included changing the solar rooftop industry impression to be accessible through design strategy, directing the UI/UX of a solar rooftop monitoring system, and managing communications strategy of the largest wind energy project in ASEAN.

Beginning my career as a graphic designer for a luxury spa brand, Panpuri, I coordinated with marketing team to design campaigns, packaging, and other collaterals.

Later, at Blink Design Group, a hospitality architecture firm, I led several branding projects and assisted architects and interior designers to develop graphic patterns used in their designs. At both places, I contributed to my cross-functional and multi-skilled teammates to deliver projects within budget and on time while not sacrificing the creativity.

Later on at Quo, a boutique branding agency specialising in the hospitality and travel sectors, I worked as a creative designer and found my expertise in brand strategy. Here I led and worked with team on cutting-edge projects for many of the world’s leading hospitality corporations (i.e. Marriott International, IHG, Hilton, Soneva). Duties included everything from establishing brand guidelines to implementing design production.

I was once also an adjunct professor at Bangkok University International College where I found joy in sharing my knowledge (and also learning plenty from them) and nurturing the next generation of creative professionals. 

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