Ohh Rice Snack Packaging
OhhRice Snack Booth Backdrop

Ohh Rice

Ohh Rice – Brown Jasmine Rice Puff is a healthy snack brand aims to deliver a new promotional approach in Thailand's healthy snack market.


Healthy snacks in Thailand’s market all look premium and one-sidedly present themselves as healthy products targeting women who care about diets. Ohh Rice would
like to change such perspectives by introducing a snack that everyone can enjoy having as regular snack with benefits for the health.


Friendly hand-drawn logo and funny snack characters enjoying their various activities were introduced as visual elements for the brand and applied in the brand communications in all platforms.


Product soft launch at THAIFEX introduced Ohh Rice into food retail business in Thailand. It is now sold in hypermarket across the country within a very short period after the launch. The packaging has attracted overseas
market and it is now exported to China with impressive sales rate.